What You Should Know About No Man’s Sky


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It’s not like they’re the same entity making the same promises more than once. Hello games isn’t really a company a lot of people are familiar with that made a couple of games before but none of them really notable and all of the sudden they were put into the public sphere as the saviors to gaming the people who created the thing that everyone is going to want to play Hello games was heralded as the ushers of a new age of convergence and they’re a 15-person indie team that’s not to say the indie games are bad because they aren’t frankly some of my favorite games are indie games but it’s just not possible for them to do the same thing with a triple A company does.


video games

I want to stress that I don’t think it’s our fault i don’t think we put our expectations too high because they did say that this stuff was going to happen but we kinda maybe should’ve known better. We don’t deserve any of the blame we shouldn’t take any of the responsibility because frankly companies have pretty much lied to us. Our entire life about everything that’s not our fault that’s the environment we live in and yes there are a lot of people who created their own expectations for the game extrapolating features that were frankly never even promised from tiny little things that were offhand that Sean Murray said at some point. I’m not saying those people don’t exist oh they exist and a lot of people who say things both positive and negative about No Man’s Sky have been attacked by those people which is weird but just because there are people that are irrationally angry about the game doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot more people who have rational problems with it. This game is a procedurally generated indie game not a polished $60 triple A title but they tried to make it seem like it was and they charged every one sixty dollars for it and no i’m not gonna call No Man’s Sky a big fraud or anything like that because I don’t believe it’s fraud I’ve seen this happen more than a few times albeit not on this scale where the developers promise something and then don’t deliver.



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