Things You Need to Know about Civilization 6

Let’s begin with workers have become builders. Builders have replaced these workers and they work pretty great. They’re also now expendable with a few limited uses but it adds a bit more strategy to building your stuff out. It’s kind of nice because if you plan how you expend them you can build up a tile in multiple ways instantly without having to wait it out. Well it does add a little bit more micro management because most people didn’t exactly micromanage their workers in the old games. I gotta say being able to build up a tile in multiple ways in less turns is a pretty nice convenience but it doesn’t really hurt anything. If anything it just ask more strategy which is what we want right.
The Envoy system. The purpose of envoys changes of the city state system by making it a bit more nuanced unlike the previous civilization games if you’re affluent you can’t just buy allegiance as easily as it used to be. Now you need to use this envoy system to your advantage earning on doling out on envoys the city states in order to reach the Suzerain status (earning the Suzerain status). Earning the Suzerain status lets you earn   unique bonuses from each specific city-state earning and doling out the specific envoys to the right city-states becomes a whole new mini game of decisions in the game itself. It takes a while to build up and earn all these envoys and you need to tread carefully because screwing up and maybe going to war will lose these envoys that you worked so hard to achieve. So think carefully before committing an act of war and keep your envoy in mind.


Traders are a unit that can establish trade routes between your locations and other neighboring city states and the best part they establish roads as they spend turns traveling. So as they slowly work their way across the map roads will appear and those roads stay and can be used by all of the units when they returned back from their journey to another city state they bring back gold and even some costume. This costume is useful information for the espionage and spying system that I can totally go into detail with just yet after they returned and especially in an early game you can set them out to a new city state and establish more roads. Once you eventually work your way up and get multiple traders you can have multiple traders traveling routes simultaneously going out and bringing back more gold for you.

That’s all folks.You get  the review of Civilization 6 and learn more for the upcoming reviews of this video game.



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